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300 years of enthusiasm, 300 years of experience, 300 years of connotation and 300 years of heritage

A wine master with a history of 300 years will bring you to the world of wine.



Part 1: A wine family with a history of 300 years

1694年,Johann jakob castell在瑞士施维茨州创立了属于自己家族的品牌,这就是轩乐的开始。伴随着时光的流转,对葡萄酒的热情和执着影响着轩乐家族里的每一代人。

In 1694, Johann Jakob Castell founded the brand of his own family in Kanton Schwyz, Switzerland, i.e. the beginning of SCHULER.  With the change of times, enthusiasm and dedication toward wine has been influencing each generation of SCHULER family.  


Excellent wine making requires a wealth of experience while the heritage of a brand needs motivation for development and innovation.  Over 300 years, SCHULER family always continues its enthusiasm and dedication toward wine, and constantly creates new fine products.  Today, SCHULER has become a world-renowned master of wine. 



Part 2: A wine master with rich experience


Wine making does not only require professional techniques.  It is more important to have continued enthusiasm and unique experience.  The key to get fine wines often comes down to control on details.


To obtain fine wines, high-quality grapes are essential.  Sufficient sunshine, rain and quality soil are all important factors.  Hard working, attention to details and rigorous selection are also necessary conditions.   


A wine cellar with nice environment is the best place for quality wine making. 


In the long making process, any tiny mistake may result in irreparable defect.  Therefore, we must consistently keep intensive attention to ensure the perfect quality of these fine wines.  SCHULER is producing wines with the most stringent attitude, which has also been adopted in the selection of suppliers. 


为了酿制高品质的葡萄酒,轩乐与波尔多的玛歌酒庄,红颜容酒庄及隆河谷的吉佳乐世家一样,选择与世界知名的橡木专家Séguin Moreau合作,生产属于我们自己的橡木桶。

To make high-quality wines, SCHULER, as Chateau Margaux and Chateau Haut Brion in Bordeaux and E.Guigal in Rhone, has joined hands with world-renowned oak expert Séguin Moreau to produce our own oak barrels.


Part 3: An expert with strict quality control


Not every grape has the qualification to join the wine in your glass.


Fine wines must pass through strict testing and quality control.


Ever since the establishment of SCHULER, all its wines have gone through rigorous laboratory analysis and tasting by the team of experienced wine experts, who only recognize top-quality products. 


As a Swiss company that has been accredited by the international quality management systems for more than 15 years, SCHULER strictly follows the ISO9001:2000 standard to control the quality of all aspects, so as to meet customers’ needs on high quality.






Part4   A world-class wine connoisseur


Over 300 years, our people have been adhering to the customer-oriented attitude and enthusiasm, dedicated to offering attentive service to every customer.  This is what allows SCHULER to maintain a good reputation and become a bosom companion of numerous wine lovers.


In our wineries, you may have an immersive experience of all of these, amazing rural scenery, sumptuous cuisine, and of course, selected fine wines of SCHULER.  No matter in the Wallis of Switzerland or Tuscany of Italy, you can enjoy such comfort and deliciousness.


There is a Chinese old saying called “making friends by wine”.  We European people also share a similar perspective.   SCHULER often holds different types of wine tasting events to treat every wine-loving customer as a good friend.  We offer various flavors of wine to meet customers’ different needs.  Each wine is carefully selected and uniquely featured.


Part5   A wine master settled down in China (Shanghai)


With friendliness and yearning towards China, SCHULER has traveled here from afar to set up its first store in Shanghai.  Selected wines, experienced experts and a wine master with a history of over 300 years are now by your side.





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